My Trip to Cologne

Two months ago, while I was attending Vogue Knitting Live! in New York, I had a revelation from one of the vendors in the marketplace. She literally told me: “if you want to get into this business, you should go to H+H Cologne in March.”

Well, she was right. H+H Cologne, also known as the “Internationale Fachmesse für Handarbeit + Hobby,” takes place every year in Cologne, in western Germany, attracting hundreds of suppliers from all over the world, thousands of attendees, great expositions and fashion shows, and most important, amazing crafters!

The trip was worth every penny. I closed three deals with suppliers and I have two more to be confirmed next week! The trade show was awesome. From now on you can be sure I’ll be attending every year. The craft industry is growing and it was great to be among so many like-minded people.

New designs, yarn and fiber will be available soon. I can’t wait!

Some pictures taken during H+H, available at my Instagram:

You can see above the entrance of the Kölnmesse, where the event took place.

Above, a snapshot of the fashion show, the Lana Grossa collection.

The above was a crafted sample displayed at Schoeller & Stahl’s stand.