Second Episode

Welcome to the second episode of my podcast about crafting. In this episode I talk about my knitting, crochet and spinning progress. I also talk about the embroidery class that I took last Sunday. At the end of the episode I show my yarn acquisitions during the last three months. Enjoy! What I learned: Last Sunday I learned a Japanese…

Mi Primer Podcast

Este es mi primer podcast sobre tejido y otras manualidades!

Acá pueden encontrar las notas sobre lo mencionado en el episodio.

Projectos en Curso:

  • Estoy tejiendo un chal para Melody del podcast Mandarine’s. Este es un tejido prueba y estoy usando una lana que teñí como tarea del curso de teñidos dearrollado en Camp Aloha Friends, el año pasado. Esta lana la recibí como parte de los materiales del curso dictado por Space Cadet Creations. Esta lana es 100% Merino cuyo grosor es fingering. Estoy usando agujas de tamaño 4mm.

  • Otro projecto que estoy trabajando, es sacado del libro The Ultimate Hat Book by Vogue Knitting, Half Medallion Beret es el nombre del patrón. La lana es Madisson  Furbetto  que compré en Manor. El grosor es Aran y estoy usando agujas de 5mm.

Projecto Terminado:

  • He terminado el cuello Handbrake diseñado por Kay F. Jones del podcast Bakery Bears Podcast. La lana que utilicé fue una lana que teñí cuyo nombre es Algodón de Azúcar. El grosor es DK y las agujas de 5mm.

Qué llevo puesta:

  • Estoy usando el chal llamado Canopy diseñado también por Mandarine’s. Utilise dos madejas de lana 100% Merino Superwash, grosser fingering y en el color Purplelite. Las agujas fueron 3.5-4.5mm. Para obtener un chal más largo, repetí cuatro veces la parte del diseño con lazadas.

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My First Podcast

Here you can find the notes of the first episode of my podcast about knitting and crafting.


  • I am knitting a shawl for Melody of Mandarine’s. This is a test knit, and I am using the yarn I dyed as assignment of the dyeing class in Camp Aloha Friends. I used the yarn we received from Space Cadet Creations as part of the materials. It is a fingering weight and I am using needle size US 6 (4mm)

  • I am also knitting a hat from the book The Ultimate Hat Book by Vogue Knitting, Half Medallion Beret is the pattern. I am using a Madisson yarn Furbetto bought in Manor, a department store in Switzerland. It is a worsted weight, and I am using needle size US 8 (5mm).


What I am wearing:

  • I am wearing the Canopy shawl also designed by Mandarine’s. I used two skeins of 100% SW Merino in the Purplelite colour. The needle sizes were US 4, 7 (3.5mm, 4.5mm). I did one more repeat of the lace part in order to have a longer version.

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My First Sweater

I must recognise that I had not knit an adult size sweater until last January. I was not afraid of being able to knit the garment at all, or to use a specific technique, but rather about getting bored in the process. Having said that, I guess I can identify myself as a process knitter, and I like learning while…

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I wanted to write this last week but I was sick. I have been having a flu that I cannot get rid of. I went to the doctor, and he told me that I was allergic to Max, my kitty. I was really sad after the results because I cannot even think about giving my kitty away. Adri and I…

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You may not probably know it yet, but I love knitting stuffed toys. I haven’t knit a lot of them, because I do it specially for my little niece. I like to give them to her as gifts for her Birthday or for Christmas. She is two years old now, and she has received so far 4 toys and 2 blankets…

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This past weekend was the second edition of the “Stitching Retreat 2014” organised by the Zurich Stitch’n’Bitches group. It was held in the Fällanden Youth Hostel. My knitter friend Sabrina put all the pieces together and she did great job. The hostel is located next to the lake Greifensee in the town of Fällanden, 10 km away from Zurich. It has a…

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I would like to announce the launch of my first pattern in Ravelry! I have been knitting since 2010, and I started making baby sweaters and cardigans that came out of my head without following any pattern. At that time I tried to take some notes, but I did know how to record instructions so I would be able to…